Friday, June 10, 2011

Listening To That Little Voice

Lately I’ve had so many irons in the fire it’s not even funny, but amongst all the chaos that has been my life lately I’ve been learning how to still my mind. I’m amazed at the synchronicity I’ve been presented with lately. It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that there are no coincidences and we are given messages throughout our day if we will only slow down long enough to listen to them. I’ve been consciously watching and listening for the messages that are being presented to me and I’ve really been surprised at the turn my life has taken.

At first I believed it to be just my imagination, but last night I was proven wrong. About mid afternoon I was bombarded with the statement “A forgotten document will be found under the bed.” I’m really big time into keeping things cleaned from under my bed. I’ve always been told when you pile a bunch of junk under there it can interfere with your sleep. I don’t know if that’s an old wives tale or if it’s Feng Shui, but I’ve always tried to follow that rule. I knew for certain there was nothing under my bed.

Last night I got undressed, crawled into bed and called a friend. During the course of the conversation I still kept hearing that same statement in my head. Our call was interrupted and while I was laying there waiting for the call back, the urge became so strong that I got out of bed to prove the voice wrong.

I figured if something was under a bed it must surely be in one of the bedrooms I no longer use. My first stop was in the bedroom I slept in many years ago. I looked under the bed to find a tremendous amount of dust and two empty photo albums. Then, I stuck my hand and arm between the mattresses to take a feel. Nothing… Ha! I said to myself, I thought so! But just to be sure I went to the bedroom across the hall. Once again, nothing under the bed and nothing between the mattresses just as I suspected before I even started my search.

I proceeded to head back to my bedroom. Even though I knew there was nothing under my bed but a baseball bat I looked anyway. Then, I stuck my hands between the mattresses on the side where I sleep. To be absolutely certain, I walked to the other side of the bed and stuck my hands between the mattresses… The look on my face must have been one of complete disbelief because as I drug my hand across the box springs I touched something. An envelope, that I had no idea was ever even placed there, that did indeed contain documents.

The envelope contained a poem I had written for someone. I’m not really certain why someone or something thought it was so important for me to find it. Maybe it was to make a point... One thing I know for absolute certainty is from this time forward when that little voice talks to me, no matter how odd the statement, I won’t be so quick to dismiss it. I spent the next 45 minutes laying in bed saying to myself over and over again, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe there was actually something there…”

Today’s Homework: Search for the daily guidance we are given… regardless to the form in which it may present its self.


I still can't believe it was actually there... :-)


  1. I have heard that little nudging from an inner voice before. Isn't it amazing how accurate that voice can be? I'm not surprised that you found your poem. Carla

  2. A knowing smile touched my lips on reading this post, Randy :)

  3. this story...amazing....I think there is a message in the poem can you share it?
    the messages are slender threads and Im getting the feeling that you are one
    I can always tell the threads by


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